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it means. >> are you aware of that? bill: yes. >> lisa paige for 92.3 fm here. your book, ok. could you show -- there is lisa. there is jay-z. ok. lisa went and she -- you can show him signing the book? do you have the other picture? bill: signing bold fresh. bill: does very any clue? >> oh yeah. bill: he knew it was me? >> yeah. peace bill, jay-z. off that. bill: what's off that mean? >> i believe it's off dat. bill: you don't know what it means? >> you won't understand. bill: what are we supposed to think of this guy who does this racial rap at the inauguration and then holds the benefit? what do you say? is he a good guy or what? >> i'm going to come clean with you, bill. i have no idea hot hell this guy even is. bill: i think he is a good businessman. >> yeah, look. i'm tired of the race thing. every time you throw it out meaninglessly. bill: it den greats the real problem. >> yes, yes. ♪ >> you have got to watch this show or your children may be killed by clowns beating them to death with those giant clown shoes. it's an emergency. don't go anywhere. bill: now, beck, when do you
x late breaking, this is doubly -- wbal. >> i am lisa robbins. >> our top stories in a moment but let's look outside with our meteorologist. >> good morning. temperatures this morning around the city dropped below the freezing point. it may have done in a few of your favorite plants. the days are getting shorter and everything else. we have to look forward to cooler weather for a while. today we will see a warming trend. we will reverse the trend we have had for the last couple of days. yesterday's high was only around 52 degrees. we will do better than that during the day today. the closest storms have been a couple of sprinkles and showers with mixed precipitation in upstate new york. the real stormy weather is coming off the pacific ocean in the pacific northwest where they are having rain in the lower elevations. not much going on. the warming trend will be welcome and we will talk about that and a few minutes. -- in a few minutes. >> baltimore mayor sheila dixon talks exclusively to 11 years. she spoke about her commitment to the business of the city as her top priority.
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fabulous fruit. >> reporter: he grows the grapes. his wife lisa makes the wine. both are former i.t. special ifrts who bought the vineyard in 2001. the land had been farmed commercially with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. they decided to make it biodynamic. >> it is the way my dad used to farm. >> reporter: they you view the land as a whole organism, respecting everything from the soil to the bugs. >> think first and foremost, we look at the earth as a living organism, as opposed to a rock with things growing on it. >> reporter: it feeds the soil with organic matter. the weeds, the bugs, they have their purpose and they're controlled naturally. >> we have sheep that we keep in the vineyards to help keep the grasses low. >> reporter: and the moon. biodynamic farmers believe in guidance from the faces of the moon. >> you almost have to make a leap of faith that it really does have an effect. and this is one large ecosystem that we need to become one with. >> reporter: biodynamic farming is taking root in wine country. featured on the cover two years ago you was the first to g
. >> noto resultado mucho mÁs rÁpido. una piel que no estÉ tan envejecida que estÉ mÁs lisa, con menos arrugas, lo utiliza como un tratamiento mÁs de prevenciÓn pero no quiere decir que no vea el resultado. >> asÍ lucía el rostro de esta mujer. >> el componente principal es el Ácido, ese mismo componente que se utiliza en los variados. >> sin embargo tambiÉn se utiliza para prolongar los resultados de los rellenos faciales. >> se ponen botox, para que la duraciÓn sea mÁs prolongada y no tengas que hacer intecciones mas corridas. >> aquella que no se tienen que hacer cirugÍas. >> en adicciÓn implica un ahorro sustancial para su bolsillo. >> cuando viene saber un tratamiento de estos despuÉs salir de 225 a $ 300 y cuando comparas estÁs alimentando toda la piel. >> los testigos que los resultados se tienen en tan sÓlo una hora. fÍjense en la foto de la modelo de antes y de ahora. en san juan pítrebkph@primer im@ pero eso no impide derribar a sus adversarios. un proyecto tecnolÓgico abre nuevos espacios. todo esto y mÁs al volver aquÍ, antes los dejÓ con repÚblica de
co-pays and out of pocket expen expenses. lisa sylvester explains. >> reporter: for many u.s. workers, it's open enrollment time, when workers choose their company-sponsored health care plans for next year. what they're finding, many corporations have scaled back. workers will have to pay higher out-of-pocket a company that advises corporations on benefit plans four out of ten employers are raising workers' deductibles and co-payments next year. >> health care costs are still rising faster than pay, rising faster than profits, rising faster than almost any other input. and so those costs have to be shared. and one way to do that is to increase the out of pocket costs for people who use health care services. >> congress is debating a health care bill, but will it push down those rising costs that workers have to shell out? democrats think so. >> this is why this legislation is important. affordability for our middle class. it lowers cost for every patient, reigns in premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, limits out of pocket cost. >> reporter: but many americans are not persuaded that pre
. her mother, lisa, joins us now. we appreciate you being here. i know you've had a few phone conversations with your daughter. can you tell us how she's doing? >> she's doing good. she was released last night. she's in obviously some pain. she went to an nco's house to heal so she didn't have to do it in the barracks. >> can you tell me how you first learned of the rampage here and then subsequently the fact that your daughter was involved? >> i got a phone call from the e.r. doctor telling me my daughter was injured, couldn't tell me how, what happened, anything. and then it was hours and hours and hours later where we finally got a phone call that she was shot. and then again hours and hours before we figured out what happened. >> and i know she was in a lot of pain when she talked to you. i also know she really isn't allowed to talk about the circumstances of the shooting. but the general, commanding general of this post on the "today" show yesterday morning specifically talked about your daughter and the fact that she came to the aid of fellow soldiers before she, in fact
about lisa ling. >> what about you. >> i have a problem which i am not a beloved or even slightly light. so my mother is trying to tell me to be likable. but she says -- my mother says i'm funny and smart but not likable. that's how we have this big house. >> comedians don't have to be likable. you do in a way. here's a twitter question for you that i liked. this person says kathy is a beautiful woman. is she going to stop with the plastic surgery? was that from levi? >> no. your mother. it's through somebody in england. >> first of all, i call it having dental work. so, yes, i have been to the dentist a few times for -- >> quickly, what have you done? >> i've done pretty much whatever you can lift and although my boobs are the same and i've done a lot of refreshers. although i haven't done anything lately. >> okay. you were always funny and thank you for being with me again. >> all right. >> her new album is sucking it for the holidays. that's in stores now and so is her book. official book club selection. okay. enough with the plugging. i'll be back with more in a bit. >> oh, i rememb
banfield the host of "open court" and also with us lisa bloom legal analyst for our sister network cnn and an attorney as well. let me lay out the punishment, ladies. they were originally banned from sports for a year. the suspensions were reduced. i think they'll miss a quarter of the volleyball season. in exchange for participating in counseling and a public apology to the school's athletic board. ashleigh, i think they got it right. you send a message. hopefully the girls learn something and won't do it again. your thoughts? >> well, i certainly think they should learn something from this because the school is only one step in their journey of life. these digital records last forever. anybody who wants to hire them is going to look at some of these things on their facebook pages. there is a whole legal argument that's different than your gut reaction, though, and the issue here is that this is a public school. if it were a private school, no brainer. they could have done this. the school could have done anything they wanted regardless of the time of year being summer vacation. priva
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)